Water Bags

PT Inspektindo Sinergi Persada has water bags available for rent, so our valuable customer able to perform test load capacities onsite. Waterbag is mostly used for supporting for crane testing, including indoor cranes, overhead cranes, mobile cranes and offshore crane.

We have multiple 5, 10 and 20 tonnnes capacity water bags available onsite, and we are able to supply larger bags in case heavier load weight capacities are required.

Load Cells

PT Inspektindo Sinergi Persada has Load Monitoring / Load Cells available for rent. The Load cells capacity available from 6.5Te till 600Te. The Load cells are used for testing and weighing rigging and lifting material.

Our digital load cell dynamometer incorporates the latest technology to provide errorless data transmission of strength-to-weight ratios and unmatched resolution and accuracy.

Our digital load cell annualy calibrated at accredited ISO 17025 Laboratory.

The load cell includes a handheld remote as well as built in wireless capabilities.

Other items that come with the load cell include batteries, creative software packages, operator manual, proof test certificate and a storage case.

Offshore Container

We provide 20ft Offshore Container that is ready for rental complete with sling set with updated certificate.

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