The oil and gas industry are a sector that have a high risk, large investment and also requires reliable equipment.

Rig is a drilling component that have an important role for oil and gas exploitation to collect out of hydrocarbons from underground. To ensure that every process carried out on the rig runs fluently, it is necessary to have periodic rig inspection.

In conducting rig inspection there are 10 categories of equipment that are checked based on their function, i.e.:

  1. Hoisting Equipment
  2. Rotary Equipment
  3. Drilling Equipment
  4. Handling Equipment
  5. Mud Control Equipment
  6. Well Control Equipment
  7. Electrical Equipment
  8. Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipment
  9. Instrumentation Equipment
  10. Safety Equipment

Therefore, Inspektindo Sinergi Persada as a company engaged in inspection services provides Rig inspection services to assist rig users in evaluating and ensuring the components of the equipment system on the rig run fluently and in accordance with standards and laws and regulations.

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