Storage tank is a vessel other than a pressure vessel that stores or hoards liquids of hazardous materials or other liquids, in which there is a pressure force generated by the weight of the liquid stored or stockpiled with a certain volume.

Storage tank testing and inspection includes all measures to test the operation capability, materials, and construction of Storage Tanks to ensure compliance with the provisions of laws and regulations and/or applicable standards. Details of inspection of storage tanks can be seen in PERMENAKER Number 37 of 2016 - Occupational Health and Safety of Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks.

Storage tank include:

  • Storage tank for flammable liquids
  • Hazardous liquid storage tank
  • Liquid Storage Tanks other than letters a and b
  • Storage tank with a volume of at least 200 (two hundred) liters.
  • Storage tanks with a volume of at least 450 (four hundred and fifty) liters and/or a temperature of more than 99oC

PT. Inspektindo Sinergi Persada is a K3 (Occupational Safety and Health) Inspection and Testing Service Company that has been officially appointed by the Ministry of Manpower. We have experience in conducting Inspection and Testing of Storage Tank supported by the competence of experienced Inspectors in their fields.

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